Instant voice calling and screen sharing for small remote teams

As a remote team, we’ve struggled with slow communication and progress at times. Our existing tools were clunky and slow, making things worse, so we built a better way. Beam is a fresh, simple and lightweight approach to team communication. Here's a quick video demo.

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Beam βeta features at a glance

  • Fully integrated with your Slack team for easy onboarding
  • Instant voice calling for two-person and group calls up to six people
  • Screen sharing during two-person and group calls up to six people
  • Auto-accept for calling, just click on a person and talk
  • Auto-away/available status if inactive for more than 30 seconds
  • You can snooze auto-accept by setting yourself as busy
  • Send quick emoji pings eg. to ask for a quick call
  • See what your coworkers are currently doing via app icon in profile
  • Support for multiple teams and unlimited number of people per team

* Beam is currently available only for macOS Yosemite 10.10 and up. In order to use Beam with your team, they need to have the latest version of Beam installed on their Mac. For Windows users: we hear you and Beam for Windows is in the works!