Jun 17, 2024

New Integration Actions added


  • Get Email Details: Retrieve comprehensive details of any email, including the subject, body, sender information, and cc list. This action allows for better email management and faster access to critical information.

  • Send a Reply to Email: Quickly respond to emails directly from within our platform. This feature streamlines your communication process, saving time and improving efficiency.


  • Add Tag to Ticket: Improve your ticket organization by adding tags to tickets. This new action helps categorize and prioritize tickets, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

  • Update Group: Easily update the group associated with a ticket. This allows for better team collaboration and ensures that tickets are handled by the appropriate group.


  • Create an Issue: Easily create new issues directly from our platform. This action simplifies your task management process and ensures that all your tasks are captured promptly.

  • Update an Issue: Quickly update existing issues with new information or changes. This feature helps keep your task management up-to-date and accurate.

  • Add a Comment to Issue: Improve communication by adding comments to issues. This action facilitates collaboration and ensures that all relevant information is shared with your team.

Google Calendar

  • Create New Event: Schedule new events seamlessly within our platform. This feature allows you to manage your calendar efficiently and ensures that all your important meetings and deadlines are well-organized.