Nov 2, 2023

User Experience and ML Improvements

We've been monitoring your feedback and we've been working on implementing quality of life enhancements aimed at making your interaction with Beam smoother, faster, and more intuitive. This update also harnesses the power of machine learning (ML) to refine and accelerate the platform experience through a bunch of back-end refactoring.

  • We've enhanced the interface for answering clarifying questions, now featuring AI-powered clarifications and auto-answers.

  • Improved website performance with compressed images for faster loading speeds.

  • Optimized Beam for all devices with various responsiveness improvements.

  • Significant bug fixes for a smoother user experience.

  • Enhanced chat text box, now accommodating longer messages.

  • Addressed and resolved inconsistencies in the right sidebar based on user feedback.

  • Improved PDF upload functionality, ensuring seamless document handling.

  • Upgrades to the task planner including fixes for task deletion, renaming, and replanning, enhancing overall user experience.

  • Significant app performance improvements through code refactoring, resulting in faster speed and better efficiency.