Apr 5, 2024

Inbox and Agent Communication

  • Centralized Notification System:

    • Users now have access to a centralized hub for all agent-level updates, facilitating efficient tracking and management of tasks across multiple agents.

    • Task-related notifications, such as user consent requests and task status updates (e.g., failed, input requested, feedback requested), are now prominently displayed within the inbox.

  • Improved User Experience:

    • The frontend implementation prioritizes user experience and interaction design, ensuring seamless navigation and intuitive task management.

    • Users can easily navigate from inbox alerts to specific task pages, allowing for quick actions and responses directly from the inbox interface.

  • Customizable Filters and Settings:

    • The Inbox feature includes customizable filters, empowering users to organize and prioritize notifications based on agent, date, and other relevant criteria.

    • Users have the flexibility to tailor notification settings according to their preferences, enhancing personalization and efficiency.