Jun 20, 2024

Conversational Interface and ML Updates

Conversational Interface
  • Improved UI for Rendering Response References, Tool Icons, and Buttons: We have enhanced the user interface to provide a more intuitive and visually appealing experience. The new UI improvements make it easier to navigate response references, tool icons, and buttons, resulting in a more seamless interaction.

  • Bug Fixes: Various bug fixes have been implemented to ensure a more stable and reliable performance. These fixes address minor issues that were affecting the user experience, providing a smoother and more efficient interface.

  • Implement Queues that Preserve Context and Respawn if Platform Goes Down: We have introduced a new queuing system that preserves context and ensures continuity in case the platform experiences downtime. This update guarantees that your processes are not disrupted and can resume seamlessly.

  • Implement Exponential Rate Limit for Retries: To improve the robustness of our ML processes, we have implemented an exponential rate limit for retries. This feature helps manage retry attempts more effectively, reducing the strain on the system and improving overall performance.