May 20, 2024

Conversation mode <> Planner

  • Seamless Switch

    • Agents now detect user's intent from the message and switch to chat mode for conversations or execution mode for creating or running tasks.

    • Users can create full fledge templates, run existing templates or execute quick actions (such as composing a sale proposal or sending an email) directly from the chat interface.

  • Agent Character

    • Agents come with their own personality which can be managed from Agent Settings > Agent Character. Users set and tune agent's personality which reflect in responses.

    • Agent's restrictions define their boundaries. User's set restrictions such as 'do not respond to medical queries', which is then incorporated into responses.

  • Chat Functions

    • Users can ask the agent to reformulate a chat response with click of a button under the same response.

    • Users can view beautifully formatted markdown outputs.