May 2, 2024

Agent Setup

  • Task Template Assignment

    • Pre-built Task Templates: Assign a variety of pre-built task templates and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to automate specific functions of the agent.

    • Suggested and Other Tabs: Navigate between suggested tasks and other available templates to find the best fit for your agent's responsibilities.

  • Upload files

    • Seamlessly upload and attach files during the agent setup process, ensuring that all necessary documentation and resources are readily available for the agent. The upload feature supports a wide range of file types, providing flexibility and convenience.

  • Agent setup overview:

    • Get a glimpse of your agent and all of its capabilities once you have finished setting up your agent!

  • Ability to Edit Task Templates:

    • Users can now easily modify existing task templates to better suit their specific requirements. This feature allows for quick adjustments and updates to template content without the need to recreate templates from scratch.

    • The ability to rename task templates provides users with improved organization and clarity. Users can assign more descriptive names to templates, making it easier to identify and select the appropriate template for each task.

    • Users now have the option to delete unnecessary or outdated task templates directly from the platform. This feature helps declutter the template library and ensures that users can maintain an up-to-date and relevant set of templates.

  • Agent Tools:

    • Introducing tools at agent level to display both available and custom tools, providing a comprehensive view of all tools at the user's disposal. The user can add or remove tools from their agent.