Jun 25, 2024

Agent Interface Improvements

Agent Setup
  • Summary Card: We're excited to introduce a new summary card at the beginning of the agent setup process. This card provides a quick overview of the setup steps and progress, making it easier for users to track their progress and navigate through the setup process.

  • UI Enhancements: We've made minor UI enhancements to improve the overall look and feel of the agent setup screens. This includes temporary pagination of tools and templates to reduce load time and avoid platform glitches

Default Task Templates
  • A new "Make default" option now appears in the three dots menu on the task templates card. Clicking on this option will set the selected task template as the default.

  • Once a task template is chosen as default, it will be visually tagged as such, making it easy to identify the default template at a glance.

Custom Tools
  • ML improvements: These updates represent our ongoing commitment to providing the best possible AI-powered tools and solutions for our users.