Sep 20, 2023

Bug Fixes and Improvements

This update we've been focusing on improving threads we opened last update, including a lot of refactoring for the application to make it faster and free from bugs.

  • Integration verification now required for exporting documents to Google Docs or Email, enhancing user experience via existing APIs.

  • Unified landing page for new and existing users, improving navigation and user experience.

  • Daily usage limits introduced to prevent abuse, with modal notifications for limit exceedance to maintain service availability.

  • Specialized GPT Tools for Finance, Accounting, Insurance, and Engineering launched, offering advanced capabilities in these sectors.

  • Integrations with Notion, Gmail, and Hubspot are now ready to use, allowing seamless workflow across preferred tools.

  • Expanded application integration options via API keys through OAuth and SimpleAuth framework.

  • Enhanced backend task execution and modification for a more efficient user experience.